Hilary, Harry, Hume and me.

Prompt: It’s a sign.

Truth be told I’ve never really felt like a Heather.

The name seems much more suited for a tall, leggy blonde on the beach than a short, dumpy bookworm with glasses.

But while my name may not exactly fit my type, I have always been partial to my initials.

HC are really good initials.

Not only are they on a majority of the English-speaking world’s faucets, but I have a fun way of writing them:


Plus, a lot of cool people share my initials. Hilary Clinton, Harry Chapin, Hume Cronyn, Hoagy Carmichael, Harry Connick Jr, Howard Cosell…

I was offended for each and every HC when I saw this sign in Boston a couple of weeks ago:


No HC?!

I did some googling and apparently the sign doesn’t indicate a Heather-Clow-free zone. It means “no hazardous cargo.”

My feelings are still a little hurt though.

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