A Gentlemens Woman?

I’m going back to the basics.

I seem to have lost any desire to put my thoughts and feelings out into the blogosphere, so I’m going to start writing from prompts again.

Prompts are impersonal. I can indulge in my introverted tendencies and still wrote blog posts from prompts.

The only thing is I’m not going back to one thousand words. That’s just way too many. I was kind of insane to do one thousand words a day in the first place.

Instead I’m just going to write a bit, see if I can get back in the habit.

Prompt: Ladies Man

There is no female equivalent of the term ladies man.

Think about it. “Ladies man” can have a slightly slimy, lounge lizard connotation, but underneath there’s a layer of respect.

When someone is calls a guy a “real ladies man” there’s a little admonition and a whole lot of admiration.

There’s no similar term for a woman who has a way with the men. All we have are “man-eater” and “flirt” and slew of synonyms for whore.

Then there’s “one of the guys” which is certainly more complimentary but has a whole different meaning.

This isn’t one of my pet issues. I like that Pantene labels ad well enough, but I didn’t jump on their bandwagon.

And I actually think the new “ban bossy” movement is kind of silly. In my opinion, bossy is way down on the list of offensive names people could call women and girls.

But it seems like in all fairness there should be a name for a female “ladies man,” one that doesn’t have overt sexual overtones or reduce the woman to a tease.

And don’t suggest “gentlemens women” because that just sounds all kinds of wrong.

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