I’m a human Fitbit.

Last week I got a surprise and very thoughtful gift in the mail from my friend, Nan: a Fitbit.

photo 2

If you’re not familiar, a Fitbit is kind of a fancy pedometer that keeps track of the steps you’ve walked, stairs you’ve climbs and calories you’ve burned each day.

And it syncs with an app. (I love just about anything that syncs with my phone.)

I’ve quickly become addicted to my Fitbit. Making sure I reach my goals every day, even hopping back on the elliptical before bed if I haven’t gotten in enough steps during the day.

It’s a fun way to make sure you’re staying active.

I’m afraid there’s a side effect to the Fitbit, though. It’s encouraging my OCD tendencies.

Ok, I’m not officially OCD. I don’t have to touch the light switch sixteen time. But I am a counter.

I count the cars going by when I’m trying to fall asleep. I count the steps I take on the elliptical when I work out every morning. I count mile markers when I’m driving long distance.

And now, thanks to my Fitbit, I count my steps when I’m walking. “I wonder how many steps I’m getting when I run out to the post office,” I think. And instead of checking the counter, I count.

I’m like a human Fitbit.

I still love my Fitbit. I just need to figure out how to turn off the counter in my head!

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