Rage, rage against the monotony of February.

This time of year I get extremely tired of my routine.

I get up.
I work out.
I shower.
I get dressed.
I eat breakfast.
And I go to work.

Every freaking day. The tediousness of it all drives me mad!

Just once I’d like to stay in bed for an extra half hour without feeling guilty about it.

Or leave the house at 8:05 instead of 7:50 without feeling like I’m late for work.

Or buy a cup instead of bringing it from home without feeling like a spendthrift.

But I don’t do any of those things.

I use the elliptical, blow dry my hair, eat my bowl frosted mini wheats and repress my rage at the monotony.

Then spring comes and everything is good again.

If spring failed to arrive some year, I think my head my explode.

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