I finally have a reason to buy a pill splitter.

I have always wanted to own a pill splitter.


It’s inexplicable, really. I don’t take a lot of pills. And those I do take – a multivitamin, zinc, vitamin c and an occasional ibuprofen – aren’t usually large enough to require splitting.

And I’ve never had a problem swallowing pills. I can’t take them without liquid, but with a little water I can toss down a handful without even thinking about it.

I find myself looking at pill splitters in the store anyway, thinking that it would be cool to own one. You know, just in case.

But even though they look like fun, I can never justify it.

Then last week I bought the wrong bottle of vitamin C. The pills are huge – like 1500 mg or something.

Half the time they feel like they are stuck in my throat long after I’ve swallowed them.

I figure the only answer is to buy a pill splitter, right?

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