I tried two news things but can only recommend one.

Over my blogging hiatus, I tried two new things:

1) I got a bra fitting

For years I had resisted getting a bra fitting despite of all the statistics about how a majority of women wear the wrong size.

I figured I’d probably have to take off my shirt and old bra for the procedure I just didn’t like the idea of have someone I don’t know measuring (and probably judging) my naked boobs.

But I got a gift certificate for Christmas so I decided to bite the bullet.

I’m glad I did because the whole experience was great.

Not only did I get to leave my bra on while the saleswoman measured, but she started by yanking up her own shirt to show me her bra which immediately put me at ease.

If you go online and look up the instructions about how to measure yourself for a bra, the internet will tell you to measure two different places and then subtract to figure out the cup size.

According to the bra measurer, that’s a bunch of hooey. She measured once and knew the cup size.

I don’t know how she did it. She didn’t reveal her trade secret.

And now I have three super comfortable, super pretty and super supportive bras.

It was well worth chancing having to be naked in front of a stranger.

2) I used a toilet auger

Unlike the bra fitting, I would not recommend getting into a situation that requires you to use a toilet auger.

I’m not going to go into the nasty details. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

One thought on “I tried two news things but can only recommend one.

  1. Well, Heather, I’m the exact opposite and you had me laughing. I’ve used the toilet auger and never had a bra fitting. I didn’t want anyone running screaming from the fitting room (that wasn’t me).

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