Snowstorm Etiquette.

Snowstorms are commonplace occurrences when you grow up in Vermont. But when I moved to a townhouse community five years ago storms became more complicated.

We don’t have garages or carports, so when the snow comes we find ourselves waiting by the windows for the plow to arrive so we can move our cars.

I’m sure there is a better arrangement, but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

Today, I was pouring a cup of coffee and noticed several of my neighbors, all decades older than I am, cleaning off all the cars in the lot.

Apparently they started and just worked their way right down the line.

I rushed into my boots and coat and ran out to help.

My immediate next door neighbors are in their twenties and didn’t come out of their house, even while the senior citizens cleaned off their cars and shoveled them out.

A couple of hours later, the plow arrived and all the old folks and I came out again, moving the cars so the snow could be removed.

Again, the only 20-somethings in the neighborhood didn’t budge. They are still parked in a pile of snow except for the path their neighbors had cleared.

I know that there may be circumstances that prevented them from helping out, or at least moving their own cars.

Maybe they didn’t hear the plow. Or maybe they were sick and unable to get out of bed. Or, more likely, they are just oblivious that they should move their cars so the lot can be plowed.

No mater why, I still find it extremely annoying.

What kind of able-bodied (or in this case, fairly athletic) young people let 70-, 80- and even 90-year-olds clean the snow off their cars and don’t even make a move to help or thank them?

Who doesn’t know enough to move their car for a snow plow? It’s just plain inconsiderate… of your neighbors, of the plow driver.

I suppose that it doesn’t really affect me all that much.

I don’t have to park in a pile of snow until the plow comes back. And I didn’t spend anytime cleaning off their cars. I was too busy shoveling in front of my own.

So why does it irk me?

Perhaps it’s a little bit of jealousy.

Part of me wishes I could sit in my warm, cozy home sipping coffee while a band of elderly do-gooders shovel snow without feeling guilty.

I wish I could not worry about getting stuck and let my car sit in a pile of snow while all my neighbors are playing musical parking spots with the plow.

But I’m not that person. I’m not that clueless or selfish or irresponsible.

And I’m okay with that. Glad, actually.

Now I just have to figure out how to stop letting those who are that clueless, selfish and irresponsible annoy me.

In the meantime, I’m just watch from my window and sip my coffee when they get stuck.

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