It’s a Thanksgiving double standard.

It seems like there was an awfully big hullaballoo about the big box stores being open on Thanksgiving this year.

Workers’ rights advocates got all up in arms about retail employees being “forced” to work the holiday. People called for boycotts of the national chains that open on Thursday.

I worked retail for a lot of years and I get it. It only took one long Independence Day selling shoes and I knew working a holiday sucked. Especially when it feels like the rest of the country has the day off.

But what would happen if these advocates and boycotters woke up on Thanksgiving morning with no heat or hot water.

Would they put on extra sweaters and take cold showers until Friday so the repairman could have the holiday with his family?

And what if they were in an accident or if their Uncle Joe had a stroke at the dinner table? Would they say, “Sorry, Joe. We can’t call the ambulance until tomorrow because the EMT needs the day off?”

You’re probably thinking. “That’s different. Those are emergencies. You don’t need to shop on Thanksgiving.”

I agree that it is different. People like nurses and policemen are essential so working holidays has to be part of the job.

But what about football?

Contrary to popular opinion, football isn’t crucial to Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving didn’t involve football. No one’s life is going to end because they couldn’t watch the NFL on the fourth Thursday of November.

So why aren’t people complaining about football?

No one is going to feel sorry for the multi-millionaire quarterback because he has to work on turkey day but the players aren’t the only ones working.

What about the referees, ticket takers, security guards, hot dog venders and water boys? Why no outrage for them?

Why aren’t people protesting for the poor people stuck selling giant foam fingers while their loved ones are feasting?

Do you need to shop on Thanksgiving? No.

But if we’re being honest, we don’t really need football either so why the double standard?

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