Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a list of 28 things for which I am thankful, in alphabetical order:

1. calculators
2. cars that start in cold weather
3. cats (mine and all)
4. contact lenses
5. fireplaces
6. friends who love books as much as I do
7. gerber daisies
8. hairspray
9. hot and cold running water
10. hot chocolate
11. Hugh Laurie’s Let Them Talk album
12. independent bookstores
13. insulated travel mugs
14. internet banking
15. iPhones
16. Microsoft Excel
17. mix and match six packs of beer
18. my mom
19. novels
20. pillows
21. podcasts
22. Pure Grace perfume
23. Sharpies
24. small families
25. sneakers
26. Spotify
27. standing desks
28. toothpaste

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. So many things for which to be thankful! I’m intrigued by “small families” on your list…. thankful for this because there’s much less drama when there’s fewer family members? Because you can really know, love and appreciate your family members when there are fewer? Or, because it’s much kinder to our earth and resources to not pop out a multitude of mouths to feed?!

    • I probably should have specified it as “my small family.” I’m thankful that I have a small family because — to use a phrase recently introduced to me by our friend Mikki — I have a low tolerance for chaos!

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