I get Daylight Savings Time now.

For the first time I understand the benefits of Daylight Savings Time.

(Or is it going off Daylight Savings Time? I can never remember which is which, but I’m talking about “falling back” an hour in the autumn.)

Previously I’ve bemoaned the earlier evening, leaving work in the dark, five o’clock looking like midnight.

I’ve always enjoyed the first day after the time change (it seems to last forever!) but when the sun sets on that Sunday I start questioning the necessity of it all.

It’s stupid. It’s obsolete. It’s pointless.

Then I started walking before work.

For weeks my schedule has been pushed back later and later until I’ve been barely able to get a walk in and make it to work on time.

(Ok, so technically I’m the boss and make my own hours but I feel like a slacker if I’m not at my desk by 8 am.)

An early meeting forced me to walk at 5:30 one morning. I crept along the dark road — a flashlight clutched in one hand, pepper spray in the other — jumping at every noise and bush.

It wasn’t fun.

But today it was light before six. I can walk before work again!

Now I understand why Daylight Savings Time (or going off Daylight Savings Time) is a good thing for farmers.

They probably don’t like to get up in the dark any more than I do. And it’s got to be hard milking cows while holding pepper spray.

I know it won’t last. Pretty soon it will be just as dark as it was last week. But I’m going to enjoy the earlier sunrise for as long as it lasts.

And I’ll never complain about changing the clocks again.

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