New shows, old characters

I like television.

There I said it. I am a television watcher.

Maybe that means I’m politically incorrect or low-class or whatever the crunchy, hippy, earth people who only listen to NPR on their solar power radio want to call me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I like television.

My current favorite show is Nashville. I know it’s a practically a soap opera, but I look forward to every episode, even more so now that I’ve visited the city.

On most of the shows I watch regularly my favorite character is not the main character, the one we’re ‘supposed’ to be the most interested in.

The minor characters are simply more fascinating than the leads, who often have very conservative storylines and can be just plain boring.

The smaller roles are so much more interesting that I think they should have their own shows instead of just being bit parts in someone else’s story.

(In fact, I have this whole idea for a show that focuses on a side character from the previous season each year. But I’ll write about that some other time.)

This is my list of minor characters that should get their own spin-off. Or at least have bigger roles in their current show.

Grey’s Anatomy – Dr. Bailey played by Chandra Wilson

I’ll admit that my initial attraction to this character was because she was shaped like a real woman instead of a supermodel, but I’ve grown to love her because she is so complex.

Ok, so supposedly they are all complex on this show. Or “dark and twisty” as they say. But Bailey is different. She’s realistically complex instead annoyingly complex.

And she doesn’t whine like everyone else on the show.

I think Bailey and her handsome husband, who is not on the show enough, should move to some tiny tropical island and start a clinic on the beach for the natives.

Scandal – David Rosen played by Josh Malina

Josh Malina can do no acting wrong in my book. David Rosen is no exception, although he’ll always be Will Bailey to me.

Rosen is one of the good guys (maybe even the only good guy on the show) who keeps getting screwed over. But he always fights back and I cheer every time he does.

He’s also the only one on the show who doesn’t talk 18,000 miles per minute, which is refreshing.

In his show, David Rosen should move to Hanover, NH (I’m not being random. The character went to Dartmouth. He’s always wearing a sweatshirt with a giant D on it) and teach political science or law, spending his days putting snotty Dartmouth students in their place.

The Good Wife – Eli Gold played by Alan Cumming

Like Josh Malina, I adore everything Alan Cumming does. But beyond that, Eli Gold is a really interesting character. He’s conniving and manipulative but you can’t help but love him. (I can’t help but love him anyway).

Eli should ditch the campaign manager gig and run for office himself. Maybe mayor of some smallish Midwest city where he keeps coming up against wholesome do-gooders and has to show them the error of their do-gooding ways?

Either that or he should go to work for the mob. I think Eli would be a good mobster.

Law & Order SVU – Detective Munch played by Richard Belzer

I know that they just retired him off the show, but Munch has been in so many different series that he really needs his own.

How many bit parts is one actor expected to play anyway?

Since the character is a conspiracy theorist and newly retired, Munch should get a faux-reality show where he travels around the world debunking or proving famous conspiracy theories. Episode one would be filmed on the infamous grassy knoll in Dallas.

Mad Men – Roger Sterling played by John Slatterly

I don’t really care what Roger Sterling’s show is about as long as I have more opportunities to look at John Slatterly.

Bones – Dr. Sweets played by John Francis Daley

I’ve actually gotten pretty sick of Bones and only watch it for Dr. Sweets at this point.

(I had a real scare this season when they made it look like the character was leaving, only to bring him back in the very next episode with no explanation.)

Dr. Sweets shouldn’t have his own show. Or at least a new show. They should kill off the current lead guy and make Dr. Sweets the new FBI dude, though.

Just don’t have him fall in love with Bones. That’s what ruined the show in the first place.

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