It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Chatter!

This past week I spent some time with a colleague at a conference in Nashville.

At a reception on the last night of our trip, I observed — after a glass of wine — that was a lot more talkative after a drink.

“I noticed,” she responded. “One glass of wine and you chat like a normal person.”

I laughed and I’m afraid I am embarrassed her, making her think that she had insulted me. But I knew what she meant.

The more I thought about her comment the more I liked it. In fact, I think I may have discovered my super power.

You’re probably thinking that drinking isn’t a super power. It’s not like I can fly or stop bullets or leap tall buildings.

No, my super power is more like the Incredible Hulk.

Think about it. He’s an ordinary guy but just add anger and suddenly he’s a big green powerful monster.

I’m a quiet introvert but just add a drink and suddenly I’m a brilliant conversationalist.

Or at least a normal conversationalist.

If I’m at a party where I don’t know anyone, I just need a beer.

If I need to schmooze some super rich donors, I just need to sip on a gin and tonic.

One drink and I’m Super Chatter!

The only difference is that the Hulk didn’t risk becoming an anger-aholic but (if you’ll forgive the mixed superhero metaphor) we all have our kryptonite.

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