It’s time to get back to the music.

I used to be that girl. The one that knew about music.

Just out of college I worked at a music store and while I might not have been familiar with every obscure artist or genre, I did know what was on the top of the charts, when the new releases were coming out and who was on tour.

I could tell people that the “just go ahead now” song was called “Two Princes,” sung by the Spin Doctors and on the Pocketful of Kryptonite album. (Did I just date myself?)

I could also direct all the poor parents who wandered in with a Christmas wish list of albums and musician they had never heard of right to the cassettes or cds they needed.

Strangely even though I still work in the music industry — at least on the edge of it — I’m less aware of what’s happening now than I was then.

I’ve lost touch with the music.

Running a performing arts center has pulled me away from it. I spend my days worrying about budgets, fundraising, contracts and committees.

But I’ve decided that’s going to change.

I’ve subscribed to four music magazines and three music news podcasts. I’ve signed up for emails about new releases from around the world. I’m listening to genres I’ve never even imagined existed.

I’m determined to become that girl again. The one you ask when you want to discover a new sound, the one who starts sentences with, “I just heard this cool band.”

Of course, I’ll still need to worry about committees and budgets but it’s time to get back to the music.

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