Who is on your personal “A List”?

Twenty four minutes into this week’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, I stopped listening.

I don’t mean I turned it off. Pop Culture Happy Hour is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to every minute, every week.

But this week my ears stopped listening about halfway through because, in a discussion of Woody Allen’s latest movie Blue Jasmine, Trey Graham said a magical name. Bobby Canavale.

Bobby Canavale is on my personal “A List” of actors.

His is one of those names that makes me say, “oh, I love him!” whenever I hear it. And then spend several long minutes thinking about all his great movies, television shows and performances.

Long minutes during which I apparently stop listening or paying attention to anything around me.

We all have a list of those actors, right? The ones where we make of a point of seeing every movie they’ve made or watch their tv shows over and over again. Or even make a special trip to Broadway to see their show.

My list is short, just six actors:

Bobby Canavale
Stockard Channing
Denis O’Hare
Toni Collette
Alan Cumming
Camryn Manheim

These actors are on my A List not because they get the biggest paychecks or they are the most recognizable.

They made the list because of their work on Broadway or because I admire the roles they choose or because they dedicated their Emmy to “all the fat girls” or just because they seem super cool and I want to hang out with them.

Who is on your personal A List?

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