Annoucing my Vermont Bookstore Adventure!

I’m kind of a book whore.

That means I’ll buy books anywhere. Independent bookstores, big box stores, online retailers, yard sales. It doesn’t really matter. If they have a book I want to read, I’ll buy it.

I’m not even loyal to paper books. I’m usually just as happy with the e-reader version of a novel as a hardcover or paperback.

But I do recognize the importance of the small, independent bookseller and their shops certainly are some of the most fun bookstores, so I have decided that over the next year I am going to attempt to visit every independent bookstore in the state of Vermont!

(And blog about it, of course.)

I have a list, compiled from a couple of websites and I think there are about 30 bookstore for me to check out. Luckily, Vermont is a small state and none of the four corners are more than a day’s car drive away.

I’ve also marked up a map and there are several routes which will allow me to visit more than one bookstore in a single trip.

Since you can’t go to a bookstore without buying a book I plan to ask one bookseller at each shop to recommend their current favorite novel and purchase it.

(Blog bonus: I’ll get two posts out of one visit. One when I go to the bookstore and another when I read the book.)

Can you think of a better way to spend your spare time than driving around a beautiful state going to bookstores and talking about books?

Let me know if you know any out-of-the-way bookstores I might have missed and watch for updates from my “Vermont Bookstore Adventure” soon!

Oh, if you’re an author and want me to rave about your book at every Vermont bookstore it can be arranged for a small fee.

(Don’t judge. I have to pay for the gas somehow!)

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