Pits are the pits.

I accidentally bought olives with pits today.

I hate olives with pits. I hate most foods with pits. Olives, peaches, plums… I might like the taste but despise the pits. They are messing and disgusting.

And what do you do with half chewed pit with bits of olive or fruit stuck to it? It looks like something my cat vomited up and I’m supposed to just put it on my plate and continue eating? Blech.

Actually, now that I think about it I dislike any food that I have disengage from something. Bones, sticks, cobs, rinds… I can’t think of a single food that is worth gnawing.

(Sometimes I make an acceptation for buffalo wings, but that’s only because I like the sauce. Buffalo sauce almost makes the gnawing worth it.)

No, I prefer my food pitted, deboned, unskewered and peeled.

Of course I might feel differently if potato chips came on a cob.

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