Don’t tell me to rest in peace.

The acronym RIP irritates me.

I know that it stands for rest in peace and that is a lovely sentiment.

May your suffering be over and your soul at peace. We all want that for our loved ones or ourselves.

I also know that they used to put RIP on gravestones and I understand the abbreviation in that case. It’s a lot easier to carve three letters into stone than eleven.

But in social media RIP just sounds flip and cavalier. Especially when accompanied by a hashtag.

So fair warning… I will come back and haunt anyone who posts “RIP Heather Clow” after I’m dead.

That means while you may be sincerely wishing me a harmonious afterlife, you’ll actually be condemning me to the exact opposite.

2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me to rest in peace.

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