All the news that’s not news.

Last week, I saw this segment on Good Morning America about a six-year-old girl with long hair who wanted a mohawk. Instead, her mother let her get a short, pixie cut that she could style into a fauxhawk.

That’s the story. A six-year-old got her hair cut.

Oh, and the mom is an editor/television person who wrote a blog post about said haircut.

Most of GMA’s “reporting” leans toward the shallow, but this story was probably the biggest example of non-news I’ve ever seen, aside perhaps from articles about the Kardashians and the out of control starlet du jour.

According to the morning show, the blog prompted a lot of negative feedback and “sparked a huge reaction online.”

I was so appalled that a little girl’s haircut made the national news that I decided to read the blog.

It’s actually quite lovely. She writes of wanting to empower her daughter and the pure joy the haircut gave the little girl. And how she almost let her own desires for long, flowing hair to keep her daughter from being her own person.

I thought she would going to lose me when she quoted Jada Pinkett Smith, but even that was thoughtful and inspiring.

I went on to check out the comments, to see the “huge online debate” for myself.

Granted I didn’t read every one, or all 1500 plus responses on the Huffington Post website, but everything I did read was supportive. It was all “go mom,” “she looks adorable” and “hair always grows back.”

I didn’t see a single negative remark or a debate of any kind.

And that makes the coverage of this non-event even more despicable. What on earth prompted the GMA “online debate” story? What does ABC have to gain from creating a controversy?

I can only imagine that the network has some sort of investment in Mom’s career and wanted to get her some publicity.

It’s too bad they decided that her daughter’s haircut was the way to get it.

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