The curse of the little red squiggle.

I have a love / hate relationship with spell check.

On one hand, it’s completely necessary. Especially for someone who can’t spell refrigerator or definitely.

But on the other hand, spell check always stops me in my tracks when I’m writing.

That little red squiggle appears under a word and I have to fight my every instinct to not go back and fix the word right then and there.

I try to write on, keep my flow, but my eye keeps returning to that annoying squiggle.

Do I stop and right click to see the suggested corrections? Do I respell the word on my own? Do I add it to the dictionary? (Dijonaise certainly is a word, you stupid computer.)

Or do I keep writing, ignore the errors and my perfectionist tendencies in an effort to get my thoughts down on paper, deal with the consequences of misspellings and typos later?

I’ve considered simply turn off the autocheck but then it saves me from a potential embarrassing typing error and suddenly I’m in love with those little red squiggles once more.

One thought on “The curse of the little red squiggle.

  1. Someone I know types white on white so she doesn’t get distracted from the flow of ideas. When she’s exhausted the creative moment she turns it into black and deals with corrections then.

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