Be careful what you ask for.

It’s too easy to form strong opinions of people you’ve never met based solely on their internet statements.

Take, for instance, a post I recently read in a community-based Facebook group:

“Seeking med-largish dog crate. Must be very clean. Need immediately.”

I don’t know the person who posted this message, but I disliked them instantaneously.

To start off, the writer is obviously one of those hippy dippy types that always reuse and recycle items like dog crates, patio furniture and winter tires.

(This is common in our community, where a good percentage of residents move from larger, more urban areas and get off on dressing in natural fibers, abandoning their television sets and composting.)

A true Vermonter prizes self-sufficiency. If I had a need for a dog crate, I would go out and buy one.

And speaking of self-sufficiency, if I did want to borrow someone else’s dog crate, I would clean it myself.

I certainly wouldn’t expect the person loaning or giving it to me make sure that it is “very clean.”

Not only is the loaner / giver doing me a favor just by letting me use the crate, they don’t have any investment in the crate being sanitary. It’s not their dog’s health at risk, it’s mine.

Then there’s that “immediately.” Like we’re all supposed to drop everything we’re doing and look for a dog crate for him/her. S/he’d probably expect it to be delivered to their door too.

Based on the post, this person is all take, take, take and I just don’t like them.

I wanted to respond “Why don’t you buy your own damn crate,” but I was afraid of what people would think of me. I mean if I formed such a negative opinion because of a simple request, I can’t imagine what kind of judgments my nasty reply would cause.

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