It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Television Plot Predictor!

I think I may have discovered the world’s most useless superpower: the ability to predict the plots of dumb television shows.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly a superpower, but just imagine if it was.

Villains are attacking the planet! Life as we know it may be coming to an end!

Superman is leaping tall buildings in a single bound! Spiderman is shooting webs out of his wrists! Batman is doing whatever it is Batman does! (Give me a break. I’ve never seen a Batman movie.)

And Television Plot Predictor is announcing, “Rayna and Deacon are going to sleep together and then have a fight on Nashville” or “Charlotte is going to start abusing prescription medication again on Revenge.”

See what I mean? Just plain useless.

And, for the record, I will neither confirm nor deny that I possess this particular superpower.

Let’s just say that I’m no Superman.

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