Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday.

I don’t think she’d be pleased if I told you her age, but if I did tell you and then you met her, you’d probably be surprised.

Most people say she looks at least ten years younger. Then they ask how she stays so young.

Perhaps good genes have something to do with it, but I’m convinced her fountain of youth is her open mind.

She’s not rigid and set in her ways like much of her generation. She’s open to new experiences, thoughts and opinions, and it keeps her from aging.

For example, take the gift I got her this year.

When New Kids on the Block announced a month or two ago that they are going on tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, my mother started joking with me about booking the show at the performing arts center.

She knows we couldn’t possibly afford the tour so she was just kidding, but she was serious about wanting to see the show.

“It sounds like fun,” she said.

So when I saw the bands were coming to an arena a couple of hours away, I got her tickets for her birthday.

Yes, I’m taking my something-year-old mother to see New Kids on the Block for her birthday.

And she’s thrilled. She can’t wait to tell her friends that she got tickets for “The Package Tour.”

And if you’re thinking that I got the tickets because I want to go and she’s just playing along… I can’t name a 98 Degrees song, the only member of New Kids on the Block I know if Donny Wahlberg and I was listening to Guns n’ Roses when Boyz II Men hit the scene.

We’re really going for my mother.

And I think that’s pretty cool. If I could inherit just one thing from her, it would be her ability to keep an open mind.

Of course, I wouldn’t say know to the youthful looks either.

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