Finally turning my genuis into money.

As I bragged in a post about six months ago, I am brilliant when it comes to assembling pre-fab furniture.

I’m just lucky enough to be one of the chosen few.

But I’ve had little success in parlaying my particular genius into financial gain.

Sure, I could go around putting together furniture for people. Most people, however, purchase pre-fab furniture because they are cheap or can’t afford to by the good stuff. Those sorts of folks aren’t going to fork over good money to have someone build it for them.

Then last weekend inspiration struck while assembling my shiny new gas grill.

Step five clearly stated to use the “M 4 X 13” screws, but no such screws existed.

And the screws in the picture accompanying the instructions were labeled “M 6 X 13.”

There obviously was a typo in the instructions.

That’s when I realized that I could get companies to pay me to put together their products using the instructions and point out all the mistakes, confusing directions or unnecessary steps.

Heck, I’d even be willing to suggest places where they could insert a little humor into the process.

You may be wondering why companies would pay someone like me for this service.

Just think about all the money they’d save in manual reprinting.

Not to mention the lawsuits they’d avoid brought by people who were instructed to put the furniture together incorrectly and broke their arm when it collapsed on them.

Ok, so maybe these companies already have proofreaders, but do they actually use the instructions?

Only someone putting the grill together would notice that there is no “M 4 X 13” screw and since the current proofreaders didn’t catch it, I have to assume that they were just reading, not building.

But I don’t want you all to worry. I’ll still find time to blog when I’m the world’s foremost Pre-fab Furniture Instruction Manual Editor.

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