The neatness disease.

I stopped by the local home improvement store a while back to price a new sliding door for my deck.

The showroom clerk was very helpful. He demonstrated various doors and discussed the pros and cons of each.

Then he led me back to his desk to work up a couple of estimates.

That’s where he lost me. Not because the doors were too expensive, but because his desk was so messy that all I could think about was cleaning it.

I snapped a couple of pictures while pretending to check my email on my phone.

See the stacks of paper, sticky notes and catalogs everywhere? It was out of control.

I desperately wanted to run out to the office supply store to buy folders, file cabinets and any other organizational products I could find. I pictured filing everything in neatly labeled folders; putting pens, paperclips and rubber bands in their own individual cups; filling a bookcase with color coordinated binders.

In short, I wanted to change this man’s working life.

I almost offered. I honestly came dangerously close to volunteering to completely organize his desk.

Instead I bit my tongue, took my estimates and left.

But my mind keeps going back to that desk, daydreaming about how much fun it would be to fix it.

I know, it’s a sickness.

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