Stephen King taught me well.

I had a moment stolen right from the pages of Stephen King’s “It” today.

I was walking past a storm drain grate when I thought I heard someone say my name.

No, that’s not right. I thought I heard someone call out my name in that creepy, drawn out, horror movie way.

“Heeeeeather. Heeeeeather.”

And I would have sworn that it was coming from that drain.

I pass the grate at least twice a day on my way to and from my car and it’s never talked to me before.

Luckily, I took all the lessons in “It” to heart.

When I first read the book in 1986, I stopped eating fortune cookies for over a year because I was convinced that my worst fear would be inside.

Or at least an eyeball.

So today I knew that I did not want to come face to face with Pennywise and I kept going. Only an idiot would have leaned over to see what was down there.

I think I’ll walk on the other side of the building tomorrow. And for the next year or so.

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