No scrunchies on NPR.

I recently learned of Heidi the swimming rabbit while watching Good Morning America over my morning cereal.

The laughing anchors showed a clip of the big brown bunny swimming around a pool in her orange life jacket.

The most emphasized aspect of the whole story was that Heidi doesn’t like water in her ears so they pull them back with a scrunchie.

Yes, they spent more time talking about the scrunchie than the rabbit. Or the swimming.

Later on the way to work, NPR’s All Things Considered reported on the same story.

Not surprisingly they didn’t even mention Heidi’s earstyle. Instead they explained that the poor rabbit has arthritis and her vet actually prescribed hydrotherapy to ease her pain.

That’s why she was swimming. It wasn’t a stunt for YouTube or because she looked cute in a scrunchie.

In typical NPR fashion the article did end with a little quip about how Heidi enjoys her post-swim shower, but the tone of the piece was a total opposite from that of the morning info-tainment show.

While arguably not “news” at all, it’s amazing how one bunny’s story can be reported so differently by two separate sources.


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