That new love feeling.

Don’t you love it when you find someone new?

That feeling of excitement when you realize, “I really like him.” The eagerness to learn everything there is to know about him? The desire to spend every waking moment in his company?

Before you get all excited thinking that I’ve fallen in love, I’m talking about discovering a new author.

Yes, I’ve stumbled upon an author I’ve never read before and just two books into his bibliography, I’ve added him to my short list of absolute favorites, my literary crushes.

This time my crush is on Stewart O’Nan.

A couple of weeks ago I read “Last Night at the Lobster,” his short novel about the manager of a Red Lobster working his last shift before the restaurant closes for good.

Something about the characters and the story spoke to me. The book is so well-written and so true to life that I’m still thinking about it.

So when I found myself between books, I ordered another O’Nan novel on my Nook.

This one, “The Odds”, is just as wonderful. I’m only a few pages in, but I’m hooked.

It’s about a long married couple who travel to Niagara Falls, where they plan to gamble what little money they have left and, if unsuccessful, divorce.

Just read this description of the casino:

“The layout was purposely disorienting, the honeycombed rooms skewed, connecting at odd angles, drawing the visitor deeper and deeper into the casino, in his case against his will.”

So beautifully written, yet plainspoken. I want to luxuriate in every sentence he writes.

It’s one of the best feelings a reader can experience.

I was being purposefully misleading at the beginning of this post to keep you reading, but finding a new author really is a little like falling in love, only better because you don’t have to be monogamous.

Authors don’t care if you cheat on them. You can leave and come back after being with dozens of others and they’ll still be waiting for you.

You can fall in love over and over again and not one author will be jealous.

It’s free love, literary style!


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