Stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy Valentine’s Day.

This probably makes me very uncool, but I like Valentine’s Day.

Before you go off on a “It’s a Hallmark holiday, people should be loving because they want to not because their told to” rant, let me elaborate.

First, Valentine’s Day is a bright spot in an otherwise grey, miserable month.

When it’s snowy and cold, what’s not to like about a few hearts and flowers, a splash of pink and purple?

Not to mention the chocolate.

But beyond offering a break in the winter tedium, Valentine’s Day can be fun if you just stop letting the pressure of romance get to you.

Unless you count my cat, I have never ever had a significant other on Valentine’s Day. Not once. And I still like the holiday.

I don’t whine and feel sorry for my single self because Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romance.

It’s about all kinds of love. And friendship too. It’s simply a day to celebrate the people you care about.

I was thrilled each year on February 14 to find a bag of valentine cards on my school desk.

Or to get a handful of pink carnations from my friends delivered to my high school homeroom.

Those cards and flowers weren’t about sex or being a couple or any of those other things that cause single people to feel badly about themselves.

They were about friendship and caring and it was nice to be remembered.

In that spirit, I sent Smurf Valentine’s Day cards to all my board members this year, the exact kind I used to find in that Valentine’s bag at school.

It was fun for me, both the buying and the addressing, and hopefully the cards will bring smiles to their faces too.

Maybe if we all looked at Valentine’s Day the same way we did back in elementary school, everyone would enjoy it more.

Oh, as for the forced nature of the holiday, it’s no more forced then remembering your friends on their birthdays or your mother on Mother’s Day.

And if you resent doing those things, you’re just plain selfish and there’s no help for you.

So Happy Valentine’s Day. Suck it up.


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