A novel bit.

I had an overwhelming urge to share just a little bit of my novel in progress. It’s probably because I’m having so much fun with it right now.

I hope you enjoy!

A young woman sat down next to Reverend Fake Elvis.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look just like that famous singer? You know the one…” She bit her lip in concentration as she tried to come up with the name, leaving a smudge of bright pink lipstick on one of her front teeth.

Elvis just smiled and sipped his drink.

She ran her hands through her blonde bangs. “Come on, you know who I mean. That singer. The one who sang those songs. You know.” She started humming loudly and tunelessly.

Unable to take it anymore, Sebastian leaned around Reverend Fake Elvis. “Elvis Presley.”

The girl frowned at him. “No, that’s not it. The guy who sang the song in that Julia Roberts movie.” She hummed again.

“Roy Orbison.”

The girl bobbed up and down on her stool, clapping her hands. “Yes! That’s it!” She leaned in toward Elvis. “Are you Roy Orbison?”

She was pretty, Sebastian supposed, tall and tan. But she needed more in her bra and more between her ears to be of interest to him.

Elvis gestured for another drink. “Roy died twenty years ago, darlin’. Why don’t you run off and play now.” Elvis shooed her away with his hand.

They both watched her ass as she hurried back to her giggling friends.

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