Dot Dot Dot…

My biggest grammatical pet peeve is when people leave the –ly off of adverbs.

But a close second is the misuse of ellipses.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore ellipses.

I use them a lot when my written thoughts just trail off and I like the casual tone they set. They fit well with my personal writing style.

But if you’re going use an ellipse, make sure there are only three periods. Not four, not five. Three periods only.

The other day I attended an event that featured a PowerPoint presentation.

The title of every single slide ended with six periods. Six!

One of the problems is the fact that the speaker wanted to end his titles with ellipses at all.

Titles shouldn’t diminish at the end. It’s a title. Make a statement. Use a freaking period.

And if you feel strongly about your topic, you should be using exclamation points!

Or go headline style and leave the punctuation off all together.

But if for some reason you really want a wishy-washy title that dies off, be grammatically correct and use a single ellipse. Not two.

Six periods just makes you look stupid and twice as wishy-washy.


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