Foot freckles, Volkswagens and sweat.

Before becoming a resident assistant in college, we were subjected to a few days of training. It was kind of like camp, days filled with theater games, trust exercises and team building, with a few after-school-special-type seminars thrown in for good measure.

In one of the sessions we were assigned specific personality types and had to role play while standing in a circle.

The resident director in my group got the word “narcissist.” He was close to seven feet tall and when the exercise started, he walked into the middle of the circle, turned around and around with his index finger on his head like a little girl pretending to be a ballerina and chanted, “Me, me, me, me, me.”

It’s an image that has stayed with me for over two decades.

This post is my version of “me, me, me, me, me.” And yes, I was turning in circles when I wrote it.

Some Little Known Facts About Me.

1) I have a freckle on the second toe on my right foot, right next to the nail.

2) When I was a teenager a hairdresser told me that I have the exact same nose as Belinda Carlisle. I couldn’t pick Belinda Carlisle’s nose out of a line up, but the comment always stayed with me.

3) I didn’t have a physical from 1992 until 2012. Most of that time I didn’t even have a primary care doctor. (I know, I know. I have one now.)

4) If I could be a sound-alike of any singer, I’d pick Karen Carpenter.

5) I’m an optimist but pretend to be a pessimist so I don’t jinx myself. That means I’ll usually say that I don’t expect good things to happen, but I secretly do.

6) I am never, ever satisfied with my accomplishments, no matter what they are. They are never good enough.

7) I would never spell the word “definitely” correctly without the help of auto correct.

8) When I sweat, I sweat a lot. I mean dripping.

9) Faucets labeled “H” and “C” make me feel like the queen of all sinks. (Because they are my initials.)

10) The holiday ad for coffee where the brother comes back from Africa makes me cry almost every time I see it.

11) My dream car is a completely refurbished 1970s Volkswagen convertible.

12) I’m teaching myself to saw the alphabet inside out. L, M, K, N, J, O, I, P. You get the idea.

13) The Cat Stevens song “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” makes me simultaneously happy and sad.

14) People who start conversations with, “Don’t blog about this, ok?” depress me because I wish they could just trust me.


One thought on “Foot freckles, Volkswagens and sweat.

  1. To help me spell definitely, I think of the word finite, then I can spell it. I always have trouble with affect and effect.

    (Sorry if this posts twice, I had trouble posting)

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