All I needed was a cape.

Working for a non-profit performing arts center, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are making a difference in the world.

Oh, I know that we’re doing good work but it’s just not as tangible as giving someone a meal or bed for the night or finding parents to adopt a foster child.

Luckily I get a reminder every once in a while, like last Friday night.

I was just thinking about packing up my laptop and heading home for the weekend when the phone rang. It was my friend Becky, the director of our local children’s chorus.

She had arrived at a church down the block for a concert her chorus was performing that evening and found it was under construction. There was scaffolding everywhere, pews were missing. She said it was a real mess and completely unusable.

Becky asked if we had a show that night and if they could possibly perform at our center.

After taking a moment to wrap my head around what exactly we could offer them in the way of lights, sound and staging, I told her to come on over.

I rushed into the theater, brought in the appropriate curtains for masking and turned on a few lights just as the kids began to arrive, chatting excitedly about the change of venue.

It wasn’t a technically sophisticated show. I didn’t even bring the stage lights up and down, just the house lights.

And the only amplification was a small microphone and speaker that Becky brought with her.

But as I sat in the booth watching the kids in their brightly colored t-shirts, singing nursery rhymes as loud as they could, I felt like our little performing arts center had saved the day and made a real difference.

It made me feel a bit like a super hero, actually.

And it was a pretty damn good feeling.


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