Blogging Burnout, Part Two

I got a number of helpful responses to my “blogging burnout” post and was thrilled to discover that there actually are more than four people who read my blatherings!

The suggestions ranged from stop blogging altogether and work on my novel to stop working on my novel and keep on blogging, and included everything in between.

The most helpful were the recommendations to find a happy medium of blogging and fiction writing, which is sensible advice I intend to take.

I herby remove the pressure to post on my blog every single day and will shoot for three or four times a week.

At the suggestion of the ever-encouraging Matthew Dicks, I also plan to start sharing a few more photos and shorter posts to fill in between the longer blog entries.

But be warned, I mostly take pictures of my cats.

After a vacation and your supportive comments, I’m energized and ready to start a new year of blogging and novel writing.

Thanks for allowing me moment of whining.


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