Is the vodka wall now the adult version of the candy counter?

I’ve always felt that liquor stores were taboo places, kind of like the section of the video store that’s hidden behind the beaded curtain. Someplace you’re embarrassed to go and should never admit to visiting.

(My father was an alcoholic. Insert the appropriate psychobabble here.)

Even as a fully grown, non-alcoholic adult I feel like I should put on sunglasses and a hat so no one recognizes me buying a bottle of wine.

All this is to say that I don’t go to the liquor store very often, but I decided I wanted to make candy cane martinis so tonight I did.

I left with just one question: since when did they start making so many flavors of vodka?

There was a whole wall of them. They had glazed donut, whipped cream, cotton candy, salted caramel, marshmallow, iced cake and so many more that I forget the names of them all.

I kind of wanted to try a little bit of each one (Except for maybe glazed donut. Who needs a breakfast-flavored vodka?) but I figured that was a bad idea if I wanted to remain a non-alcoholic adult.


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