Just one of the girls.

Much like me, my mother isn’t a social person.

She’s never had a bridge club or regular poker game, gone out to lunch or on shopping trips “with the girls.”

Growing up, I don’t remember a single time she left me with a sitter for a “girls night out” or even a movie.

She had friends, of course, just not pop-in-any-time, hang-out-for-hours friends. She was too busy working and raising me.

When we moved into our townhouse a few years ago, however, she started going to Curves just down the street and making friends with the women there and other neighbors.

Now she frequently has “the ladies” in for coffee or goes on short trips with them, down to the vegetable stand or out to lunch.

And once a month they attend a lecture and luncheon at the local museum.

I find this change in my mother’s social habits both delightful and slightly amusing.

Delightful because I love seeing my mother enjoy her retirement, making friends and having a good time.

Amusing because I have never thought of my mother as one of those women, the luncheon and coffee klatch type.

The next thing I know, she’ll be joining the red hat society. But that would be ok too, as long as she’s happy.

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