Sharing is not caring!

I am very protective of my personal space. For this reason I don’t often invite people over to my home and I get upset when people poach my desk at work.

It’s awful I know, but I just don’t like to share.

Or maybe it’s just the introvert in me, that needs a space that’s safe and quiet. And all mine.

When I first started at the performing arts center, things like desk assignments were loosey goosey. There were three desks, but no one seemed to use the same twice. The box office guy would sit at a desk, a little while later he’d move to another.

Finally I asked if we just used desks willy nilly, fearful that I wouldn’t last out the week without a space to call my own. I was assured that they did indeed have specific desks and I must have looked terrified when I asked because the endless game of musical desks came to an end.

The biggest problem with this little quirk of mine is that we have an open office, not only open to the staff but to the general public. And people don’t respect the space as an office. They see a vacant desk, an empty chair, they make themselves at home, like it’s an extension of the lobby.

Sometimes they ask if they can sit, most they time they don’t.

We had three performances of The Nutcracker today and before the first show, I was running around taking care of details. Important executive director stuff like refilling the toilet paper in the women’s room and sweeping the front steps.

When I returned to the office, there was a woman sitting at my desk. I don’t know what she was doing, but she was writing furiously.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. She was still at my desk when I returned.

I went to the theater and took out the trash. She was still at my desk when I returned.

I went to the handicapped entrance and made sure the door was unlock. She was still at my desk when I returned.

So I sat on the steps to the theater and pouted until she left.

It’s juvenile. It’s petty. It’s silly. But I wanted to sit at my desk and it pissed me off that there was someone else there, someone who wasn’t the freakin’ Executive Director!

I guess I should have studied sharing better when I was in kindergarten.

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