The West Wing is alive and well on Twitter

Apparently my favorite TV show didn’t go off the air, it just moved to Twitter.

No, it’s not Friends (Admit it. You thought I was going to say Friends, didn’t you?)

It’s The West Wing, and almost all of the characters have Twitter feeds. President Bartlett, Leo McGarry, Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, Toby McGuire… no, that’s not right. Toby whatever his name was.

I follow them all because I loved the show and it’s fun to see fictional characters on my timeline amidst the all authors and actors.

But it’s a little confusing too. Donna and Josh are married with children, which happened after the series finale, but they tweet with Leo who died in season six.

It’s a time warp.

While I enjoy the tweets, I wonder who these people are, the ones who tweet for pretend people like Josh and Donna and Leo.

Surely they can’t be the actors. Haven’t they moved on by now? It would be sad if they haven’t.

Are they fans of the show, so obsessed that they have taken on character’s personas? God, that’s sad too.

Maybe I should stop encouraging these people and unfollow them. Maybe we all should so they can go out and get a real life.

Or at least move out of the west wing.


One thought on “The West Wing is alive and well on Twitter

  1. I follow president bartlett and have always found it a little sad. When it was a funny feed, I was into it. Then it got all political and intense, and I got less into it.

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