Brilliant or shameless?

I have previously admitted that I enjoy listening to the local soft rock station. You know, the one they play in bank lobbies and doctor’s offices.

What I didn’t confess is that on Sunday mornings the station features a show hosted by easy listening/pop/romantic pianist Jim Brickman. And I listen to it every week.

In my defense, it’s less annoying than John Tesh’s “information for your life” crap and I met Jim Brickman once when he played at the performing arts center I run.

Plus it’s not really something you have to listen to so it’s good Sunday morning newspaper reading background noise.

Lately Jim has been playing his newest release, “Good Morning, Beautiful.” (Actually, there’s no comma in the name but I think that is grammatically incorrect so I put it in.) It’s a frustratingly catchy tune that stays in my head all day after hearing it once, which is good for Jim Brickman I suppose but drives me mad.

Just after Veteran’s Day, the station went all Christmas music (Yes, I said Veteran’s Day), including the Jim Brickman show. But he still played his song, which was the only non-Christmas song on the station.

This weekend, as I made coffee I heard the song again. But the lyrics were now “Merry Christmas, Beautiful.” He actually made a “Christmas Re-mix.”

The song is still irritating, but now it’s irritating and seasonal.

And I can’t decide if I should admire Jim Brickman for a brilliant marketing strategy or disparage him for shamelessly selling out to the holidays.

Either way, his damn song is still stuck in my head.

Jim Brickman

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