Warren Buffett and Oreos

I’ve never given Warren Buffett much thought. I know he’s extremely wealthy, but have no idea how he acquired that wealth.

But after hearing him on NPR’s Marketplace this week, I am now a fan.

It’s not what he said about the U.S. economic policy, taxes or the fiscal cliff that won me over. It was what he ate for breakfast.

In a pre-interview microphone check, Kai Ryssdal (Am I the only person who thought his name was Guy?) asked, “Mr. Buffett, what did you have for breakfast this morning.”

Without pause, Warren Buffett says, “Oreos and milk.”

What I love about this is not that he ate Oreos for breakfast, although that is kind of fun, but that he didn’t lie about it.

If I had eaten Oreos for breakfast (Which I don’t. I’m strictly a frosted mini-wheat girl), I wouldn’t tell anyone. I especially wouldn’t announce it on public radio.

But he told the truth.

He didn’t say he ate steel cut oatmeal with fresh seasonal berries or a spinach and goat cheese egg white omelet or something equally as trendy. He’s honest even though he didn’t eat a very healthy breakfast.

And he goes on to say that he bought a box of ores and a half gallon of milk, so he had Oreos and milk the day before and would have it the next day too.

He’s honest and thrifty.

Oh, and a gazillionaire.

What’s not to love?


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