Adverb abuse.

Do you remember “Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here” from Schoolhouse Rocks?

Or my personal favorite, the –LY video from The Electric Company? (Normally. Normally. Normal. LY)

I wish more people did because my biggest grammatical pet peeve is when folks leave the –ly off an adverb.

It’s wrong and makes you sound like an idiot.

On television the other day, one character delivered this line. “You’re a friggin’ saint, Grace. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

“Differently! Differently!” I yelled at the screen.

Granted, any character that calls someone a “friggin’ saint” probably isn’t too concern with grammar, but come on.

And it’s not just poorly written television characters that misuse adverbs.

Yesterday I attended a meeting on how to conduct surveys.

The speaker was an expert in the field, very intelligent and well spoken. But at one point she said, “This is something you can do quick.”

I had to bite my tongue to keep from shouting, “Quickly!” at her.

It’s almost an addiction for me now. Once you become aware of society’s frequently dropped –ly, it’s hard to ignore it.

But I’ve learned to add my –lys only in my head, keeping the correction to myself.

As it turns out, people don’t like to have their grammar corrected in public.

But that’s doesn’t mean I don’t notice when you say “I need a tissue bad” instead of “I need a tissue badly” and call you a moron for it.

Silently, of course.


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