A surprisingly creative game from an unsurprisingly awful movie.

I just watched a Christmas Lifetime movie and it really wasn’t very good.

In case you’ve never seen one, Christmas Lifetime movies are just like regular Lifetime movies only with a little less tragedy and few more holiday decorations.

This particular movie was the story of a man and woman who had grown up together, and were obviously meant to be together, but kept fighting it. It was told over thirty years worth of Christmas Eve parties.

Not surprisingly, the plot had a lot of holes and it wasn’t particularly well acted.

But the characters played this game called “best life” which was quite interesting.

It went like this. One of the main characters would name some strange deformity, feature or ability and the other would have to come up with the best life a person with said deformity, feature or ability could have.

For instance, in one scene the girl gave the guy having no sense of smell. The guy responded that you could be a bathroom attendant for the Sultan of Brunei.

That wasn’t my favorite though. The guy challenged the girl to come up with the best life if you had mice for fingers.

The love story got in the way and she never answered that one and since I’m terrified of mice I don’t any good ideas of my own.

Despite the terrible movie (which, by the way, starred Winnie from The Wonder Years), I really like the idea of “best life.”

The game is not only creative, it’s optimistic. It’s all about turning lemons into lemonade.

It would make a great writing exercise, but I think I’m going to use it as my next insomnia cure.


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