A blogging milestone acheived?

Tonight I sat down all ready to write a post about how much I hate holiday ads that suggest you buy a car for someone.

It was half written in my head. A nice long rant about how ridiculous the idea of purchasing anyone a $15,000 or $20,000 car is and how it sets up the expectation that if you can’t buy a car as a gift, you are an ungenerous person.

I even had a great line about presenting someone with a car, and the bill for the first car payment.

But something told me to check my old posts before writing. Maybe it was that I dislike Christmas car commercials so much I knew I must have written about it before. Or maybe it was just a sixth sense, but I’m glad I checked.

If you’re interested in my views on holiday car commercials, please click here and read number 5.

Over the past 528 posts, I’m sure I have frequently repeated myself, but this is the first time that I’ve tried to recycle an entire topic.

Does reaching this milestone mean I’m a real blogger now?

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