Thanksgiving for two.

This is the time of year when people with big families feel sorry for those of us with small ones.

They invite us over for holiday meals, saying things like, “Come on over. The more the merrier!”

But before you pity small families and think their holiday celebrations pitiful because of a lack of numbers, let’s compare our days.

At six o’clock this morning (or earlier) when you were getting up to shove your thirty pound turkey in the oven, I was still snug in my bed, asleep.

And at eight o’clock when you were rushing around making sure the house was neat enough for your in-laws and second cousins, I was enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

At 10 o’clock, when you were peeling six pound of potatoes, I was eating a delicious bagel. With cream cheese. And a second cup of coffee.

When all your relative started to arrive at noon, even the ones you don’t really like but have to put up with once a year, I was taking a brisk walk.

At two o’clock, when you were making three different kinds of stuffing because everyone likes a different recipe, I was just putting a nice little turkey breast in the oven.

Then I took a nap while it roasted. Did you get a nap today?

I had dinner at 5 and didn’t have to fight anyone for the last roll or slice of pie.

After dinner, while you were cleaning up a mountain of pots and pans, I was putting a couple of plates in the dishwasher.

And when everyone finally left and you collapsed on the couch in exhaustion, I was having a glass of wine and watching a movie on TV.

Ok, so I know not everyone’s large Thanksgivings are stressful and some people enjoy being surrounded by hoards of loved ones.

But families come in all sizes, so don’t pity me for my family of two. For me, two is just the right number.


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