Smart website, dumb marketing strategy.

If a company’s marketing is smart enough to send me an email to follow-up when I’ve simply looked at a product on their website, is it too much to expect that they exclude me from emails announcing sales on a product I just purchased?

Apparently so because more often than not I’ll make a purchase from one of the big internet stores and within a day I get an email telling me that I can now buy the same product for less.

That happened with my e-reader.

I browsed repeatedly. I was on the website so much it was practically my homepage. I got emails from the company encouraging me to take the plunge. “Go ahead,” they said. “Splurge on yourself. You’re worth it.”

So I finally did.

Within an hour, I got an email. “Buy our E-Reader now and save 15%!”

Really? Would it have killed you tell me that sixty-five minutes ago?

It’s not that I resent spending 15% more than I needed to… well, maybe there’s a little resentment there, but I’m still happy with my e-reader. It would be better customer service to not be so blatant in letting me know that I spent an extra 15%.

I’d be happier just not knowing.

When I have a show that isn’t selling well and offer a discount, I don’t send the email to people who already have tickets. And I don’t solicit donations for folks who have already donated.

If a two and a half person office can manage to cull their lists effectively, why can’t an online retail giant?


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