Whatcha listening to?

Although my grandfather taught me how to change the oil when I got my first car, I am not really mechanically inclined. I’ll take pre-fab furniture over engines any day.

So the idea of being a mechanic doesn’t appeal.

The one part of that type of job that fascinates me doesn’t involve fan belts or brake pads, but radios.

I like the idea of getting to hear what radio stations or music people listen to and figuring out if there’s a relationship to the type of car they drive.

Are Volvo drivers more likely to listen to public radio, for instance? Do folks who listen to country music drive trucks more than people who listen to the pop station?

If I were a mechanic, I’d keep track.

And I’d try to sell the information to most listened to local radio stations so they could advertise “WHAT 100.9, the most popular station of customers of Buck’s Auto.”

Of course, I’d also be tempted to change the customer’s stations. Turn the rocker’s radio to the Christian station and switch out someone’s Enya cd for Marilyn Manson.

I’d probably get fired, but is changing the station really any worse than the way they always leave my seat pushed back as far as it can go?

Car radio


One thought on “Whatcha listening to?

  1. I would totally change the radio stations too!
    I have satellite radio in my car, and I usually listen to the 80s or 1st Wave, which plays 80s alternative (Depeche Mode to The Clash to The Smiths). Yes I am reliving my teenage years. You would probably change my station to the Heavy Metal or retro country and that would freak me out 🙂

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