My Dream Job

I have found my dream job.

This guy sat down and watched every single episode of Law and Order and made a chart of the all verdicts to figure out which detectives and attorneys had the best conviction rate.

Just imagine. Hours and hours of Jesse L. Martin and Sam Waterston! Entering data into a spreadsheet! It’s like the job was made for me.

The article doesn’t say if he actually watched the entirety of each episode or just the last ten minutes to see how the case turned out, but I would have watched them all, just to be thorough.

Law and Order has a lot of plot twists, after all, and I’d hate to misunderstand the outcome and mark an episode as a win when it was really a loss.

Now that I’ve discovered that jobs like this exist, I’m not sure I’ll ever be happy with any of my career choices.

Law & Order


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