Sing a song of Saturday.

Friday night is universally regarded as the beginning of the weekend and probably the most highly anticipated and beloved time of the week.

Just think about how many songs have been written about it. And not just songs, celebratory songs, happy songs, songs of worship.

Poor Monday morning only gets to be manic, lumped together with rainy days or called untrustworthy. But Friday night songs are about partying and fun.

People even thank God that the day has arrived.

My favorite part of the week, Saturday morning, is completely ignored.

Forget bars and dancing. By Friday night I’m exhausted. I want nothing more than to go home and stare mindlessly at the television while eating Chinese takeout.

That’s not very song-worthy.

But Saturday morning is a bright new day. I’m rested and the whole weekend lies in front of me, full of possibilities.

So why aren’t there any songs about Saturday morning? Is everyone still hung over from all that Friday night partying?


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