A NaNoWriMo update… and plans for a road trip.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is going better than I expected.

I didn’t think an artificial deadline would motivate me but either that or the fact that it’s dark at 5pm and there’s nothing better to do has revived my enthusiasm for my work in progress.

I’ve also finally gotten over the idea that when I sit down to write fiction, I have to write for several hours on one scene.

Just spending 20 minutes is productive.

And so is writing on one scene for a little while and then switching to another. Even though I’m a very linear and orderly person in life, I don’t have to be linear or orderly when I write.

Creativity is messy.

The biggest obstacle I’m facing now is that a good portion of my story takes place in Las Vegas. Las Vegas wedding chapels. Las Vegas strip clubs. Las Vegas casinos.

But I’ve never even been to a casino before, much less Vegas.

Sure, I can do a lot of research online, and I have. My search history and bookmark list make me look like a gamble addict, or a serial bride… The Spearmint Rhino, Harrah’s and Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel, lots of maps, lists of restaurants on the Strip.

But you can only do so much on the internet.

I think a need to at least visit a casino soon, even if I don’t make a pilgrimage all the way to Vegas.

Road trip, anyone?

Las Vegas


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