A (newly) proud Vermonter.

I’ve never been particularly proud of being a Vermonter. After all, it’s more an accident of birth than a choice I made.

I didn’t move here. I stayed here. And I often daydream about moving to someplace else, someplace warm, someplace more urban.

But yesterday, for maybe for the first time in my life, I realized that perhaps I was meant to live in Vermont.

First, I heard that the state usually ranks among the nation’s most liberal, if not the most liberal.

In my relocation fantasies, I always consider the politics. I would be uncomfortable living surrounded by conservatives and republicans, so it makes sense that I would live in liberal Vermont.

Then Vermont was the first state to turn blue on the electoral map.

Largely ignored while candidates focused on our “battleground” neighbor, New Hampshire, being first to blue is a small point of pride.

But I was proud, proud to blue and proud that we voted for President Obama.

Although I ended up in Vermont by some ancestral fluke, it might be my state after all.

Now if we could just do something about all that snow and cold.

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