Are you a fool or a thief?

Today I received 72 black sharpies in the mail.

Now I love sharpies and we use a ton of them at work for autographs and the like. The trouble is I only ordered 36 sharpies. They sent me two boxes instead of one.

I never know what to do when something like this happens.

When I call the company, they act like I’m crazy for bothering them and tell me to keep the extras. I feel like a fool.

If I just keep them, I feel like a thief.

A similar incident occurred at a grocery store not too long ago too. The checkout girl was so busy sighing and looking at her watch to see if her shift was over yet that she failed to notice when she swiped my box of crackers and it didn’t register.

I saw it happen but was so annoyed by her lack of attention to her job that I didn’t say anything.

I felt smug about it until I reached the parking lot. Then I felt guilty.

How about you? Are you a fool or a thief?

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